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Testing QonQer

Test it for half an hour in your neighbourhood. See below where you can go. The list is updated weekly. If you really want to test it and your location is not on the list, please fill in the contact form below. We will contact you and arrange a test drive on your QonQer of choice!


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Testing longer?

Take a subscription € 69.-

Do you want to test the QonQer for a longer period? For example to find out how you like your rides to university or work on the QonQer?

A QonQer subscription is the solution. Only available in the Netherlands.

If you indicate within one month that you want to buy or lease a QonQer this test month will only cost you € 69.- (depending on the model).

Taking out an e-bike subscription is ideal if you need an e-bike for a shorter period of time, or if you are not yet sure how long you will need one. Or of course to be able to test a QonQer for no less than a month!



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