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QonQer maintenance


First 3 months FREE

How does it work?

If you buy or lease a QonQer, all maintenance on your QonQer will be completely free during the first three months.

Free the first 3 months:

  • labour
  • parts (even tyres)
  • pick-up and delivery service (only NL and BE)


Smart & Easy

What is it?

  • First service within 3 months
  • 1 extended service* per year at home or at work
  • 10% discount on accessories, the first 3 months after purchase
  • replacement QonQer e-bike
  • 2 x free call-outs for repairs under guarantee
* (service including labour excluding parts)



Maintenance near you

look at Bike Repair

There are many bicycle repair shops. Also in your neighbourhood. Discover qualified bicycle repairers in your area via Bike Repair.

In many cases, your local bike shop will get your QonQer repaired or serviced quickly. Replacing brake pads, fitting a new chain or changing tyres are services that any bicycle technician can perform. If the QonQer needs to have special parts replaced, we will send them to the bike mechanic who is working on your QonQer. Nice and easy.

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Frequently asked questions about maintenance

Does a QonQer require a lot of maintenance?

No, it does not. If you are a bit kind to the QonQer, the e-bike will be very happy with it. If you have a QonQer with a chain, give it a drop of oil every now and then. Also make sure your tyres have the right pressure, 3.5 to 4 bar, this will make them last a lot longer. To really take care of your QonQer you can consider a maintenance contract, your QonQer will be checked every year.

What about the warranty?

The frame and electronics (including the battery) have a two-year warranty. If something breaks within the warranty, you can make an appointment with us and send the QonQer to us, order a Return to Sender, and we will fix it for you. You can also go to a local bike shop and we will send the part that needs to be replaced directly to the bike shop.

How should I handle the battery?

If you have a QonQer with a removable battery, charge it preferably in a room that is not too cold. If you do not use your QonQer for several months (we can’t imagine that!), put the battery on the charger once a month, so that it is not “deeply discharged” and becomes unusable (golden tip: for all bike batteries).

If you have accidentally dropped the battery, leave it outside for a while. You can’t see on the outside what might have happened on the inside. This is done to prevent the risk of fire. This doesn’t apply specifically to QonQer batteries, but to all bike batteries. Don’t be afraid, because with normal use this will not happen.

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