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QonQer e-bikes


Put together yourself

Whether you buy or lease the QonQer, you decide what your QonQer will look like. Chain or belt drive? Wings or no wings? Suspension fork? Blue, green or classic black? Just to name a few choices. It’s up to you.


Purchase or lease

You can also lease any QonQer of your choice. The big advantage? You keep your savings available for a nice trip. Enjoy your e-bike carefree. Of course you can lease a QonQer for private or business use.


Powerful battery

High performance motor

The pedal force sensor provides a natural cycling experience. You get more or less assistance depending on the amount of force you apply to the pedals. You decide how fast you ride. We provide the wind at your back.



You switch on the bike via the display. You can choose from several assistance levels. Via the display, you can switch the lighting on or off. While cycling, you can see your speed at a glance. And because the display is fixed to the handlebar, you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.



The rear light is also a brake light. So when you brake, your rear light will light up. All the safer! The light is connected to the battery and does not need to be recharged.


Track & Trace

Would you like to be able to trace your QonQer? That is also possible with the Track & Trace option. Is your e-bike being moved while you are drinking coffee somewhere? Through the app you get an instant message. In the app you can also see your rides and view all sorts of statistics.

Framematen QonQer

Frame sizes

One size fits all? We do not believe in that. To ensure that you ride an e-bike that fits your height, QonQer offers you a choice of four different frame sizes. Whether you are 1.70 or 2 meters, you will ride comfortably on a QonQer.

Which QonQer best fits your height?

QonQer Sport QonQer Comfort QonQer Too QonQer Too Elegance QonQer Too Gravel
Price starting from € 1,850.- € 1,990.- € 2,290.- € 2,290.- € 2,490.-
Lease from € 62.- € 67.- € 75.- € 75.- € 79.-
Battery 418 Wh or 504 Wh 418 Wh or 504 Wh 360 Wh 360 Wh 360 Wh
Removable battery
Low entry level
Drive system Chain or belt Chain or belt Chain or belt Chain or belt Chain
Frame sizes S. M and L M S. M, L and XL S. M and L S. M, L and XL
Tyres 42 mm 42 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm Gravel

QonQer Too
from €2,290.-


QonQer Too Elegance
from €2,290.-


QonQer Too Gravel
from €2,490.-

QonQer Too Gravel

QonQer Comfort
from €1,850.-


QonQer Sport
from €1,850.-

QonQer Sport
High quality
competitive price
Delivered to your home
throughout all of Europe
in no time
Within 14 days
you'll be riding a QonQer

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