Trelock Art** ring lock

The ring locks from TRELOCK offer excellent protection against bicycle theft. They are easy to mount on your bike and practical to use. The locks are designed stylishly as well. This ring lock has as motto ‘Protect-O-Connect’ (POC), which means that the lock can be extended with an insertable chain for even more security for your bicycle if you want.

All the features of the TRELOCK ring lock:

  • The RS453 Ballon is especially suitable for e-bikes.
  • The lock is made of hardened TREDUR specialised steel.
  • With an ARMADON lock housing.
  • Equipped with an IN-X inline cylinder that makes theft much more difficult.
  • The space between the brackets is 72 mm.
  • The lock is supplied with two symmetrical keys. If you lose a key, you can easily order a new one via the key service.
  • The lock is delivered in combination with universal mounting materials. The lock can be combined with an insertable chain for additional security of the bike. The insertable chains that can be used with this lock can be found below under Related products.