Kinekt Bodyfloat


The suspension saddle stem from Kinekt Seatpost (also known as the Bodyfloat) has undergone a complete metamorphosis. The design is now even sleeker and the offset has been reduced. It’s now a mere 12 millimetres instead of 25 millimetres. This means that the ratios on the bicycle, e-bike or speed pedelec remain more or less the same. While cycling, you’ll stay seated directly above the seatpost.

Bodyfloat makes use of the patented Isolation System. This system ensures that the body is protected against vibrations and shocks while cycling caused by any unevenness on the road. So you will not immediately bounce off your bike at every pothole or kerb, because the Bodyfloat completely absorbs these kinds of shocks. Wonderfully comfortable to use and easy to install yourself.

The Kinekt Seatpost is available in the following sizes:

  • S – 40 – 65 kg (Purple)
  • M – 65 – 85 kg (Black)
  • L – 85 -125 kg (Orange)

The Kinekt Seatpost 2.1 is supplied standardly with an extra suspension set with which the suspension seatpost can be adjusted to your liking.