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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to keep my QonQer in good condition?

Your QonQer is happy with just a little bit of attention. Make sure you check the tyre pressure once a month (5 bar) and lubricate the chain with a small drop of oil. You don’t even have to do this with a belt drive. That’s all there is to it! Not too bad, right?

Maintenance Easy pack for NL and BE

If you live in NL or BE, you can opt for the Easy package. We then visit you 1x per year to give the QonQer a major maintenance service. You pay € 120/year for that, which is incl. call-out and labour, excl. parts.

Maintenance service for EU countries other than NL and DE

We’ll soon be expanding the number of service points where you can go to. Keep an eye on the website. If there is something wrong with your QonQer, you can send it back to us in the box and we will repair it.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

If the battery is completely empty, it will take 3 to 4 hours before it is full again. You can also recharge the battery when it is not completely empty. This doesn’t affect the capacity of the battery or the number of hours you can cycle.

How should I handle the battery?

You can recharge the battery even when it is not completely empty. If you don’t use your QonQer for a longer period of time (we can’t imagine that), put the battery on the charger once a month. If you have accidentally dropped the battery, leave it outside for a while. You can’t see on the outside what might have happened on the inside. This is done to prevent the risk of fire. This doesn’t apply specifically to QonQer batteries, but to all bike batteries.

How do I take out an QonQer subscription?

Only in the Netherlands, You can do this through the configurator on the site. You select the QonQer you want, and then pay the Fee to be Free of € 119. We get in contact with you after that, we’ll need a signature (that kind of stuff) and as soon as we have that, we deliver your bike to you and your monthly direct debit starts. You can cancel QonQer per month free of charge.

How do I take out an QonQer Lease?

It’s really easy. Configure the QonQer with all the options that you want. The monthly amount is shown at the bottom of the screen next to the deposit. Pay the deposit. We will then contact you for the official part of the deal, the signature stuff. Then we deliver the QonQer to you and the monthly payment starts via direct debit.

What if my lease or subscription bicycle gets stolen?

Then we’ll ask you to report the theft to the police and we would like to receive both of the original keys of the lock back. You will then receive the same kind of QonQer from us.

Can I cancel the lease in between?

Yes you can, just not free of charge. You return the QonQer and then pay 60% of the outstanding terms. If the lease lasts 3 months, for example, that is 3 x € 62 x 60%, which amounts to € 111,60.

If I buy the QonQer, can I still insure it?

Yes, definitely. Choose the smart package in the configurator for €120. Your QonQer is then insured against theft. And you have roadside assistance.

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