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About QonQer


QonQer, the colourful e-bike

because everyone is different

“How can we get more people out of their cars and onto the e-bike faster?” Well we thought, with our own e-bike that rides great and is affordable.

Colourful, no-nonsense e-bikes with the look and feel of a sporty bicycle but with the power to make cycling seem like a piece of cake. The ideal electric bike for in and around the city. That was to be it. Less than three months later we had our first prototype and QonQer was born.

QonQer Remschijf

No-nonsense e-bikes

that always cycle

At QonQer we love bikes and all the wonderful technology that comes with it. And a bicycle you can rely on, always. QonQer e-bikes are first and foremost bikes, but then electrically powered. At first glance you do not even see that it is an e-bike. Our bikes can be locked with a key instead of an app. And you turn them on without needing an app. They are no-nonsense e-bikes without any frills. A touch nostalgic with a modern twist.

Redshift verende zadelpen | QonQer

You make your QonQer

lots to choose from

We now have five models, so there is a perfect match for everyone. There are models with and without a removable battery.

In addition, you can put the QonQer together entirely as you wish. You can choose between different colours, frame sizes, wings or no wings, tracking, locks, suspension, etc. You decide how your ideal QonQer will look. You decide what your ideal QonQer looks like.

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Purchase or lease

Besides the fact that you can buy a QonQer directly, we also offer the possibility to lease an e-bike. This can be both business and private.

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